Annual St Baldrick's Head Shaving Day

March 13th, 2016
Starting at 1pm. Jim Higgins, Len Strauch, Jane Fox, Sarah Cunning and a number of others will be getting their heads shaved, attempting to raise money for donations to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation for children’s cancer research. Higgins’ Tavern will have complimentary oysters and Dimitri will provide Asian wings. All tavern proceeds from the day are donated to St. Baldrick’s.

St. Patrick's Day Parade and St. Patrick's Day

March 12th & 17th, 2016
We will have corned beef sandwiches for $3.00 in honor of the man who drove the snakes out of Ireland. If only he could come back today and drive them out of City Hall, Springfield and Washington, D,C.. We need him now more than ever.

Cubs Opening Night at Wrigley

April 11th, 2016
As Bart Scott would say, “CAN’T WAIT!”

Kentucky Derby Party

May 7th, 2016
We will have mint juleps and other goodies.

Cubs @ Milwaukee Brewers Bus Trip & Tailgate Parties

July 23rd, 2016
We are doing this as a joint venture with Will’s Northwoods Inn. Cost $150. Includes roundtrip transportation on a luxury motor coach with refreshments on board, game ticket in the Club Level ($62 face value), tailgate parties before and after the game and more. We will leave at 1pm for a 6:10pm first pitch and return probably sometime between 11pm and midnight. We have 2 buses and 100 tickets. Reservations take with payment.

Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon

July 26th, 2016
This year’s luncheon will be held at the Skyline Ballroom in McCormick Place Convention Center. More details as we get them.

Michigan State at Notre Dame Bus Trip & Tailgate Party

September 17th, 2016
Cost $130. Includes roundtrip transportation on a luxury motor coach, refreshments and a bathroom on the bus, tailgate parties before and after the game and more. WE DO NOT HAVE GAME TICKETS. TICKETS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. This is the last time that Michigan State will play at Notre Dame in the foreseeable future. Reservations taken with payment.

Higgins' Tavern

Higgins' Tavern is described by the owner Jim Higgins, as "a cozy neighborhood bar with a sports motif and great bar food." There are no pretensions or attitudes here - just a friendly crowd, enjoying some cold beer, bantering about sports, and tasting some of the best bar food in Chicago. The bar area is spacious and populated with friendly people, and you won't believe the terrific old beer cooler until you see it in person.

So come join us, and be prepared to enter a throwback to a time when the neighborhood tavern was truly a local gathering place.

Bottled Beer List

Anchor Steam
Beck’s Dark
Blue Moon
Bud Light
Coors Light* P
Corona Light
Dos Equis
Hacker Pschorr**
Heineken Light
Lagunitas IPA
Lucky Buddha
Miller Genuine Draft
Miller Genuine Draft 64
Miller High Life
Miller Lite* P
Labatt Blue
Labatt Blue Light
Molsen Golden
Old Style
Rolling Rock
Sierra Nevada
Smirnoff Ice
Summer Shandy
Woodchuck Cider

*On tap and bottle         **Tap only         ***Gluten Free         P Pitchers only $11